Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bad Days

Feb 09th

Today is the china new year "Gong Xi Fa Chai people!!". It's national holiday and tomorrow also, but I must go to office because we have dateline that we must chase (I hate to wake up in the morning when holiday). Almost no holiday in this 2 weekends because last weekend I must plant mangrove with Lions Club. In the office we made a meeting before going for survey on the field. Actually I'm the only one who made research because the other made research about compost. So I'm going and the sky was so clear, but when I just finished my survey I got 1st rain on the way back..ok, it's rainy season so maybe it's usual. In afternoon I went to the church to attend misa before Pra-Easter came and after finish I did survey again and guess what I got rain again in the middle of survey..DAMN!!I thought my bad day will be finish but.........

Feb 10th

Today also a new year for moslem people based on moslem calendar. I went to survey field from early in the morning because I know that people in the house now because still holiday. Sky was very clear so I'm sure that rain will not come again. And after finish survey rain not come (in the heart I said YAHU!!). Maybe I was in hurry to move content of my wet bag (rain the day before) to another bag so I'm forget the wallet. In the middle of the street there's a police made regular check on motor driver and DAMN again my lisence and all paper left on the house. I have already willing to 'surrender' and just receive the fine letter but Indonesia police is so damn F***, they turn out just want my money, luckly I brought some money on my pocket.
so in this both neaw year, it's not really good day for me, hope tomorrow going better............................

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