Thursday, February 17, 2005

Huge Inspiration

Today seem everything going like usual, but I thought I made bad mistake in the morning because maybe I have made someone hurt even just by chatt (I'm sorry).Well today I'm busy with all preparation for the tour that will come next month, seem I will finish all preparation today but no because I need to confirm from my client and BINTARI founder called me that he asked me to pick up him to the office because he want to visit.I thought we will just talked about the project because I have conservation project with him. His name is Mr. Bambang Pramudyanto, he's really the founder for our NGO (I never know who's really the founder because there's 9 founder), he's someone who inspire BINTARI to be stand. He work for Indonesia Environmental Ministry and today he just finish his job as witness for environmental case at court session, he tried to bring big case to the court. He share his experience since he build BINTARI Foundation, even our senior didn't know this story. He talked almost 3,5 hours but we seem not bored to listen to him (even Inunk seem really motivate today hehe~). He really matured from personal and proffesional experience, we're lucky to have him today at our office. After he gone suddenly we really excited to talked about everything at our NGO, hope it going always like that. Definitly he brought inspiration to our office today, even he looks very simple man but it show that he really "huge", he still use public tranportation (not so usual for Indonesia people for capacity like him). At least I got excited to give more contribution to our environment before I found my future way. Ah almost forget, BINTARI just have it's birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We're 19 years old now, for environmental NGO at Indonesia we're quiet old, wish we can become more powerfull in the future :-)

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