Friday, March 04, 2005

back again last I'm back to my blog..Mariko said that Kuri said I'm 'akiba' but definitly kuri is more akiba than me (sorry kuri). Too many stories that I can tell for last couple weeks, I'm really busy to prepare the tour that wil come here today. anyway I add 1 more family member at my house, finally I host mariko for her traineehip. Her mother kind of not allow her to stay at Jomblang kampoong so I facilitate her at my house. It's 1st time that we accept someone at our house for quiet long time, I wish everything can comfort her at my house.
Today tour participant will come but my turn is not yet busy, I'm kind of arrange so my co worker can have more time with them, I felt tired to take care people recently I don't know why.
Maybe it's a time to go for traineeship again so AIESEC can take care of me :p This morning I have good chatting with Reika at Strasbourg, it's quiet long time I'm not talking like that with someone. Definitly I must go for long traineeship
just see!!

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  1. I didn't know you named your blog L'espoir.The word means a lot to me like it does to you.And I find some familiar names here...home of my heart:)