Sunday, March 06, 2005

lazy sunday

lazy doesn't mean not doing anything..I have wake up today since 4AM..bleh! revised the budget for Prof. Miyake's tour and sent it to him and that's all my job for today, thanks God! After that just wait Mariko to wake up coz she must awake quiet early this morning so I want to take her have 'bubur ayam' (chicken porridge) as breakfast today at 'warung' (vendor) near my house for my appreciation for her massage last night. After finish, I took her to office because she has mangrove activities with Akar. I came back to the house and went to my parents hometown right away, quiet long time not to see my mom graveyard. Speaking of my mom made me miss her so much coz actually she's the center of my family, well life must going on, isn't it? So lazy mean don't have job at all for sunday. Me and Mariko has a plan to hangout tonight to look for a drink, she missed gin tonic ;p ..basicly here people don't drink alcohol (most of them are moslem) but to see her back from mangrove field, she looks quiet tired, don't know whe still want to do it or not. Happy sunday everyone

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