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27 - 30 years old read this

I got it from my Philipine friend today....
The Return of The Rings [Katrina HoligoresInquirer News Service]
Editor's Note: Published on Page D2 of the April 16, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

THIRTY. The number seems to strike fear, dread and anxiety in most people. Male or female, one should have, must have, done this, bought that, had this, reached here, gone there etc. When the late 20's hit, there is a maniacal assessment of one's social, financial, physical, economic and even spiritual station in life. Being past 30 I look bemusedly and with much sympathy at those who are going through what I once was. Unlike many of my peers, I was actually looking forward to hitting the Big 3-0. Not because I was right on track with everything I wanted to achieve, but because of a little known planetary pattern that astrologers have come to call "The Saturn Return."

The what? The Saturn Return, and yes I am referring to the original Lord of the Rings (sorry Tolkien) and it's "return." To be more specific, the first time Saturn completes its cycle through your birth chart and returns to the spot it occupied when you were born. Without getting too technical Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest in diameter in astronomical terms but is known as "The Great Teacher" in astrological ones. It completes a cycle approximately once every 29 years, and its energies are believed to be the cause of why those years approaching 30 seem so messed up!!

If you are 30 and over, look back at your life between the ages of 27 1/2 to 29 1/2, if you are between 27-30 or are close to someone who is, stop and read this, please. I can assure you that it's not going to be a sermon, and you can of course come to your own conclusions and use this editorial to train your dog. But, if it does spark an "Oh man, so THAT'S why....?!!" reaction, then do more research on The Saturn Return because it doesn't just come once, but even thrice in a lifetime. The last cycle may catch you at 87, and honey, you had better have learned the lessons by then, or you are going to be one cantankerous old goat! (smile) Although a surly 28-year-old or a 58-year-old is still pretty unpleasant.

What exactly happens during the ages of 27-30 (I'm lazy, so let's just round the numbers off)? Hmmm, why don't you tell me? Perhaps you're in a relationship now, everything blissful, perfect...and just want to be left ALONE, your partner doesn't UNDERSTAND you, you feel like you don't know whether to STAY or LEAVE. How about work? Normally you content, all of a sudden there are other offers or major changes abound. You feel you're being pulled in all directions, the career path you've chosen is unfulfilling, your colleagues or your business partner PISS YOU OFF, or worse, you have just decided that life behind a desk is hell compared to making beaded underwear for a living. But so what? Life is nothing if one is not happy right?

Basically, on a whole you're going nuts. The normal you is almost unrecognizable, your family, your colleagues, your romantic partner and friends see you turning into something different, and they're right. Saturn asks you to "break" old patterns in your life, in order to sit your ass down, look you in the eye and say "Grow up, or get out."

True adulthood and wisdom are obligatory, because Saturn strips away illusions and points out limitations, allowing you to view yourself in a harsh, often unflattering light. At the same time, it endows you with prudence, practicality, and the perseverance to work hard toward achieving your purposes. When friends who are 27-30 or are dating someone of that age ask me advice about their current relationship (especially when it involves marriage) I shake my head and tell them to WAIT the period out.

But why, why, why? You moan. Because what is normally begun during this period is not long lasting. Relationships that have withstood distances, parental disapproval, racial and religious differences can fall flat when one goes through this period. The people and situations that enter your life in this season are literally being "used" by the Universe to teach YOU a lesson.
You may even befriend someone suddenly who has recently passed a Saturn Return, because they know "exactly how you feel" even on a subconscious level.

If you, on the other hand have a friend who is going through his or her return, then you have to be the patient and understanding one, it is not an easy time. They'll be a little psycho, and trust me, so were you (ask your older friends or relatives). Sadly, 28-29 is the age when most suicides occur, because instead of growing up, the individual gives up. (yikes)

Ok, wait, wait, wait, before you decide that this article stinks and you had been better off reading about the latest vote off on American Idol hear me out. There is good news...this phase is temporary, and it's always for the best, because that is what change is for, the chance to renew, to rediscover and to recreate the path this is meant for your absolute peace of mind and peace of heart.

Saturn brings to your attention what is important to you, to fill a void. Think of Saturn as that teacher you had in school, the one who was super strict, but knew his stuff, so even if the lessons were hard, you learned from him the most. That's what this planet is attempting to do with you, and it is a worthwhile education.

So what now? Should you dump the person, friend, career if it is indeed occurring during your Saturn Return? That is up to you. Let me clarify that the life lessons you have to endure are directly correlated to the quality of life you have lived during your 29 years. If you learn the lessons quickly, and take them to heart then the dramas won't be as dramatic. Know this, that if you truly, truly love who you are with, and what you are doing, then this is just a bump on the road. And when you hit your 30s you can, like me, look back, with a smile and say "Phew! Thanks for the lesson!" See you again in 29 years.

Katrina Holigores is a contributor to the Philippine Daily Inquirer


  1. Today is my Birthday. I turned 29 today. I was feeling a little confused so I googled "29th birthday" and found this site. Very interesting.

    Whats funny is that in the last month I have read books on Zen, philosophy., and even started a couple hobbies. A year ago I would have never read stuff like this or cared about a hobby. This explains a lot.


  2. Tomorrow I turn 30, I also googled it. Only yesterday I was thinking of getting another job because I'm basically standing still at work (yet doing fairly well financially). Only last year I started observing Saturn (astronomically, not astrologically!) so maybe some coincicence there...

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    This is absolute nonsense

  4. I want to shoot myself.

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    thats funny...i'm 28, turn 29 next month and going through these feelings about these exact issues, the funny thing is i have actually even looked making a dramatic change by teaching english in indonesia for a year just to get somewhere tropical and away from this "trap" i'm in

    grants pass oregon

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  7. "29 years old with nothing to live for" was the Google search that brought me here. I do feel trapped in life, as if nothing really matters. Saturn sucks.

  8. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Will make 29 next month! Don't know if this is true or pure coincidence but every single word you just wrote happened and is happening EXACTLY with me... REALLLY, every single situation, even the suicide pass throught my mind last year not only because me but the entire world situation, political, economical, food crises in the third world... etc.

    I was really down and quit every single thing I was doing. This last three years I passed in my room going out only five times. My mom as been very patient with me. This last few months I'm getting better. I was graphic designer and now I will go to faculty and take my second course. I have a hole lot of plans for my future... I don't feel very recovered yet but I feel a lot more sense in my personality. A lot more pacience, comprehensive, open-minded, accessible, etc... I was thinking that I was really depressed and would never get rid of it...

    My last thoughts are: Live happy and try your best so you can be happier.... Currently I'm recovering my happiness and making only what makes my happy even if that thing is to sleep in a tree (I did it last week in the beach drinking a cocktail)...

    I'm downloding "The Universe" serie from History Channel and I'm a lot into the "matter of the universe"... I higly recomended it to EVERYONE.

    I'm shocked! REALLY shocked about this "coincidence".
    Thanks for your words...

  9. Anonymous12:56 AM

    I want to shoot myself

  10. Anonymous6:48 PM

    im 27 and out of a job for the last three years with lots of debt!! im struggling to find out if my lifes always gonna be like this or its just a introduction to hell!! for long or short the term is there the wait but for how long i feel this is as evil as people get when a person is so low if this doesnt make anything clear enough theres always a serial killer my age and all of a sudden 12 people are killed in a movie theatre in colorado where i live very close to that by the way the strange thing is i would be happy to have the killers job the killers car and the killers education as neuro science major but im unemployed broke as shit and living off my girlfriend but wouldnt ever kill anyone riddle me that strange universe of consiliation this is the system as with the votes we the people have selected maybe time will pursvare a positive future after all by the way my spelling sucks!!

  11. I'm 27 and have been through tough times earlier in my mid 20's... i actually started getting better by the time i turned 27 , so, i can assure you, for many people especially here in my country (Saudi Arabia ) they find late 20's to be a happier phase than mid 20's or even early 20's....

    You people -sorry for saying that- hate talking about religion and spiritual activities, but for many people religious belief really help during tough time, and trying to find the meaning of life....

    Finally, enjoy your late 20's ,early 30's, you will know how beautiful these years when you pass them and start approaching into 40's....