Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Legon Lele..

legon lele-sawah2
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After 3 hours walking (hmm..up and down) we found this village, Legon Lele Village. It's a 'dead' village coz someone has buy this village and we found this unbelieveble info that we can buy the land on Karimunjawa (there's 27 island on Karimunjawa) and it's incredible cheap for myself. For Legon Lele, this guy bought it for 5000 rupiahs/meter (around half USD)..what?!! How can people sell this beautifull land for this little of money (- -?? But anyway to sad to see un-use rice field with really good soil around.

legon lele-sawah
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Another view of legon Lele

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We have a chance to drink young tropical coconut from local people around there ;p..there's still around 10 families survive in Legon Lele village until the owner use it for his business purpose.

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