Monday, May 23, 2005

It was really happy day for me, coz 1 of my best friend Ine got marriage. Of course lot of AIESECers from LC UD came coz Ine was LCP. Some former LCP from another LC came also like Benny, Ayu and Robby. It was great day coz benny as usual always found good conversation to made us laughing and they made AIESEC certificate for Ine coz she has realised one of her goal in her life. It was really funny I guess, the certificate named "INSIGHT 3".

Big UD family

This is some AIESEC Indonesia old crack
old crack

in the night I joined Benny, Ayu and Robby to hang out. First we went to Juwana restaurant coz they really want to eat fish from Semarang and after that we just talked on Semarang up town. Nice view, great friends & good conversation, I really satiesfied today.


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  2. adi,
    love to read ur blog, especially this particular post.

    give my warm regards to ine, will ya?'