Monday, July 04, 2005

My sis ...

Since my father moving around out of the city for new job, I stay in the house only with my sis. She's still 13 years old and I think it's hard for her to growth as tenagers without mom beside her. Now I listening music with her together, pretty nice that we have similarity with music that we like. So while I write like this she can still listening music in my bed. Before I never think that I can play this parents role for my sis but now it's like automatically run in my life. Being partner for her to discuss with everything that she got everyday. Honestly to say it's hard to take care teenager girl when I also must work. Sometimes I still felt that I must sacrifice my time for her but now I don't felt like that anymore. I pretty happy to see her growth well without any problem in the school and with her friends either. Now I got the idea the feeling of parents to see their children growth.

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