Friday, August 19, 2005


Suddenly my mobile ringing when I watched naruto (japan anime, recently I like to watch anime again :P). It came from Ayumi, she has problem with 1 room in the hotel at Jakarta Airport. It seem that there's no booking room for her friends although I have paid it in travel agent. So I must send the invoice to Jakarta by fax at 22:30. So straight to office but damn the fax always error and made 1 of the invoice broken, lucky it's not the most important one, so I must looking for wartel (kind of communication shop at Indonesia for call and send fax coz our public phone is as****) but found wartel who can send fax and open at 23:00 was challenging. I must go to downtown and thanks God there's wartel open (24 hours) and I just knew that there's 24 hours wartel at this city :))
Ok then let see tomorrow is there any problem for Ayumi and her friends to get their domestic flight to Semarang.
PS: for the result I can't sleep, drink a cup of hot coffe mix and online. Hope tomorrow can wake up at 05:00

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  1. mas adi...kalo ada perlu bantuan sesuatu dijkt call aku aja...siapa tau bisa bantu...ok!