Saturday, August 06, 2005

GIE: behind the scene

I got invitation from Soegijapranata Catholic University to attend their routine discussion and this time we discuss about GIE, the movie produce by Mira Lesmana and Direct by Riri Riza


"Gie" is a movie based on the true story of the young Indonesian student activist Soe Hok Gie (1942-1969). He was a vocal, idealistic, often angry voice criticizing the government of Soekarno in the 1960's. The movie follows the life of Gie from childhood, showing the influences that shaped his uncompromising character. His early days as a schoolboy already shows signs of an unyielding will, especially in the face of unjust authority. Gie kept a diary of his thoughts and opinions, which forms the backbone of this film. He was a voracious reader, and was especially attracted to the existentialist thinking of Albert Camus. He was also a prodigious and articulate writer, penning countless critiques of the government, both as a student and later as a lecturer at the prestigious University of Indonesia. His diary is full of musings on different aspects of life. He led student anti-government rallies. Yet at heart he is a patriot, ultimately concerned with the well being of Indonesia and its poorest citizens. His untimely death at 26 due to accidental poisoning by noxious fumes from the Semeru mountain in Java ended a life of prodigious output. The movie does not reveal merely the political aspect of his life, but also poetry, love, and his passionate dedication to a self-examined life. At almost three hours long, it does not feel dull and at the end the viewer is cinematic ally satisfied. It reminds me of the intensely emotional dramas of Martin Scorsese, in particular the recent "Aviator". In technical respects the movie does not quite reach those heights, but it has the same intimate personal feel. You know from watching this film that the Director is passionate about the material. The cinematography is gorgeous, especially in the outdoor and mountain scenes. It is not perfect, some scenes feel a bit long, and some of the acting is uneven, but on the whole it is highly recommended, especially for young Indonesians striving for a sense of national identity and purpose in their lives. (
1 of the main actor is Nicolas Saputra, 1 of the leading young actor in Indonesia nowadays, of course I will not miss this chance to see Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza. I think they are young people who made Indonesian cinema different and alive after "death" for quiet long.
The discussion itself can't be so 'deep' coz the people who attend this discussion not from cinema makers but I was quiet satiesfied to see and hear their face & voice and of course got their picture from close range :))


(left-right: moderator-Riri Riza-Nicolas Saputra-Mira Lesmana)

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