Tuesday, August 02, 2005


These 2 days I spent my dinner at Gombel, 1st with my family and last night with my old friends, Milka and Chimunk. I consider Gombel as 1 of the best spot to see Semarang and it just 15 minutes from my house walking :)) . The name of Gombel itself not so popular among Indonesian people in good meaning coz they consider as name 1 of the ghost in Indonesia, maybe coz in the past this area was still swamp and place for someone who don't like their baby to throw their children here (according the story that I heard) and these babies spirit became a angry spirit aka ghost.
Here the view of Semarang city from Gombel:



  1. i was there
    and it was really beautiful
    i had the same picture but mine was better than yours dudes heheheheheheheh :)

  2. hey rian, I came there to eat not picture hunting :P