Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I did hash for the first time last saturday. I knew the word of hashing from Oriana's blog. I joined with a kind of hash groups in semarang. I thought it will be a lot of foreigner there but I found that Indonesia people has same number also there. It was quiet interesting and taft coz this time we pass the hill, and the river also wrong way so we must run back after more than half way. I finished together with Alicia but she's really strong, she's back run again to found the right way. After everyone finish, we gather for kind of hash ritual, we made a circle and they will took someone for some reason the the center (for ex: single etc) and drink beer and they will yell something.By the way I join with Lauren's car today to go to hash place, Lauren is the headmaster of Permata Bangsa school. We have dinner together at OnOn Pub, good tacos, sandwich and capucino of course :P

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  1. heru van ambon6:56 AM

    di, loe ikutan hash dimn? mau donk pas mudik gwe di ajak.