Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just spent my dinner with my sis, I promised her to took her have dinner at Pizza Hut after Eco Tour from Sophia finish. I still felt sorry to her coz she doesn't have mom until her teen age finish. So me and my father look like change shift to take care of her. When I was not in the house mostly last 2 weeks, my father in the house and now he travel around Java for his work and I must stay at home. I'm not sure until when we can do this. I still think left her alone in the house is "crime" coz she's still 14 years old.
Anyway Juhani went back to his country yesterday, so 1 crazy Finland has left Semarang. GUTLAK for your potatoes man and give me a job next autumn hehehe~
Hana's flat
Continue my dinner, after paid our dinner suddenly I saw my lovely bookstore, it's kind of prohibited for me to see book store with money in my hand. So I can't stay calm and these the books that I bought today

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