Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last sunday, Hana invited me to have dinner at her house "if you are not afraid with 4 bule here" she said ('bule' mean people who have blonde hair), So I came. There's Scott (Canada), Aga (Poland), Hana (Ceska), Alissa (Canada), Indri and me from Indonesia. It's Aga who cooked the dinner, she cooked spanish food, I have already forgot the name but it was potatoes get fried, then put paprika together with potatoes and mix it with oil together and last step put beaten eggs, and wait until it looks like omelette (for me it's look like that). It's turn out become good dinner with good conversation so we made plan to make it every weekend if we can. This weekend it become my turn to cook, so I will cook Japan food. I challenge myself this time but I guess "Nikujaga" (beef and potatoes) and Miso soup not that hard to make. And this group is really nice group to hangout with, last night I spent dinner with them and we have nice conversation. This is that I really miss with in Semarang. Friends to hangout and to talk about everything. Prepare for my food guy and gals!!
PS: I found that live without internet was good also for me :P
Alissa, Aga & Indri(L-R: Alissa, Aga, Indri)
Scott(Scott with his cool style :P)
Hana (Hana)

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