Saturday, September 03, 2005

semarang tour diary: sophia 2005 (continue)

I was not really join on the 4th and 5th day coz I gave it to another facilitator. But Haruko got worse on the 3rd night so I must brought her to hospital. Not so worse, it just dehidration and she got some throatache, couldn't eat sweet, suffering for her coz she love sweet things :) , I stay overnight at hotel in case if something happen with tour member. Felt already exhausted this day.
6th day: August 24
I brought them to Final Disposal area, I knew it will be quiet shocking to see Indonesia garbage final place for them but Juhani seem interest to took picture as much as he can :P
After that I took them to enjoy Kreo cave, the boys seem enjoy it very much
never play water boys?
Kreo cave waterfall
and the girls enjoy it with their way, Ayu just listening music in this spot, maybe she already got tired with this tour. More information, maybe this place will be dissapear in few years ahead coz the will build dam here.
We end this day by discussion for Environmental Education.
But UD AIESECers seem want to bring them to hangout so I let them go (more stories: Bram)
ours-with @ers
I like this place (Ours cafe), it's cozzy. Hard to find this kind of place in Semarang, most cafe like to play their music hard, don't know what happen with them. Both AIESEC seem enjoy this time.
7th day: August 25
The last day in Semarang, They did environmental education with andhiani in the morning and after that did rehearsal for their presentation
rehearsal in the hotel
and this is the show:
the show
they perform this for the people who has already work and cooperate with us during this tour, so this is kind of farrewel party for us.
Coz of limited place, I couldn't invite all AIESECers so we hangout once again the night
tugu muda with @ers

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