Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have post this but somehow the line was not working when I publish it :( ...anyway SFC members come today. They came rather late coz of flight accident in Medan so every flight got delay. SFC looks great, Yossy (3rd time here, right Yossy?) and Otou-san (2nd times) looks like usual :) , another 2 Japanese looks like another Japanese who came here, still shy with their english (sorry with another Japanese in this world, this is just my personal conclusion :P). I couldn't book same hotel like before but I got another hotel with great view of Semarang with better price, can't wait comment from participant.
Spent my dinner with UD AIESECers and SFC members. The SFC will have meeting with AIESECers here for couple days before eco tour start. There's another interesting story about Scott (the canadian guy who just arrive Semarang) but not yet for publish I guess :)
  • New things for today (sorry Ayu I took it from you) : I found another cozzy spot in this city but too bad they play music harder today, looking forward another time. This city is more develop than I think. And once more, I must often hangout with AIESECers again, they knew good spot in this city that I don't know :P

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