Thursday, September 01, 2005

tour diary: sophia 2005 (1st-3rd day)

1st day: August 19th, 2005
At last Ayu and others arrive in Semarang safely, after few preparation in BINTARI office I took them to see semarang from uptown little bit and directly to go to AIESEC UD office to meet AIESECers.
IMG_4356 (Small)
me, ayu & higuchi

IMG_4362 (Small)
haruko tried to finish her crackers

they joined with our Independence Day celebration in AIESEC office, there's several games. This is one of them, compete to finish crackers.

IMG_4372 (Small) IMG_4375 (Small)

We have dinner at Semawis Food festival, it just open around a month ago. Quiet nice neighbourhood in chinatown.

2nd & 3rd day: Tapak village
We moved to Tapak Village today to have homestay with local people, they picked up by motorcycle, the Japanese seem excited with this.
I'm not join with all event on 2nd day, need rest for next day.
made mangrove seed planting mangrove
hiiguchi+Jimin kanoing in the sea
We did mangrove plantation on the 3rd day to save Tirang island, this small island definitly will be disappear in the few years if we don't plant mangrove there.Some AIESECers joined with us to plant mangrove.
Everybody seem enjoy this event, they tried use cano in the Java sea. They said it looks like roller coaster :)
Some Sophia members looked sick here, maybe coz of the heat.
Back to another hotel today, I tried this hotel for the 1st time. Looks nice and old.

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