Saturday, October 29, 2005

adventure weekend

This month the weather was not so good coz rain fall almost everyday. This is the transition beetwen dry and rain season in Indonesia. We (me, Aga&Alicia) decide to make something good for the weekend coz last saturday was Aga's birthday and Alicia's last week in Indonesia. We decide to do small adventure travelling to the place with nice weather (semarang is extremelly hot) although wether seem not support us, we want to took that risk :P . We decided to go to Gedung Songo temple and since I never use public transport to go there (always using motorcycle) we have a chance to do adventure things :P . After almost half hour wait the bus and not coming, we decided to rent an angkot (kind of public transportation in Indonesia)
happy face on the car
We have great time there and lucky rain was not come even it was cloudy day. Little bit about Gedung Songo, there's 6 (it must be 9) temples around the hill so we must walk around 1 - 2 hours depend on the way we walk. We enjoy the weather, the weather was really nice, cool and fresh.
with Alicia in Gedong Songo Temple
After lunch we found the bust directly to Semarang, we just wait not on right way from Semarang. Even we enjoyed during use this bus and not so many people on the bus so we can have our favorite seat.
the bus

In the night me and Alicia set up small suprise for her, just small cake and small candle at OUR Cafe. After that, some AIESEC member just came and another friends also came. It just good day to have small travel, nice conversation, good food and end up with small party with good friends.
good day
On Sunday, I invited Alicia, Aga, Scott and Sara (Island girl & Scott's date, sorry Scott)
to enjoy mangrove forest and plant some mangrove on Tirang Island. We try to save this small island coz we think that this island will dissapear if we don't plant anything there coz of hard sea abration. We got hard rain on the way back and Alicia said it's like Vietnam soldier when we walk on the mud and hard rain. But everyone seem have fun time there even all of our body got wet. The local people set up nice dinner with seafood as main menu and we break fast with them (this month is fasting month for moslem people)
Around 20:00, local people there perform rebana music. Rebana is kind of music around coastal area and mostly use for moslem events also. Honestly to say, I don't have interest with this music even I have lived for 26 years in Indonesia, beside I'm Catholic and I thought it's moslem religious music. But it's turned out that I really enjoy to play this music instruments coz they let us to try the instruments, it so much different feeling when we just heard and when we play it.
rebana group
try to play
Really good way to end my weekend and I hope you also have great weekends :)

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