Monday, October 24, 2005

Introduce Tiara Lestari

tiara lestari
I think now there's no man (and woman :P) in Indonesia who don't know Tiara Lestari as 1st Indonesian model who has pose on 1 of Playboy Magazine (sorry Tiara I took your picture without permition:P ) . But I'll not talk about that :P . Tiara has blog to 'promote' herself like Hermawan Kartajaya said, and because Hermawan is 1 of the top marketing guru in the world so I really interest to visit her blog and you really can find her idea by visit her blog. I thought she made her blog also to absorb what people will think about her professional model career. In just 2 months already 30.000 people klik on her page, great things done by model who develop her own blog and I must said Hermawan is true that he's great marketer to found her own value.Now a little part between Tiara and me :P. 1 time she said that she want to 'open' herself and asked the browsers to ask everything to her and maybe she will response it. I ask "have you found your soulmate? that's all thanks" and she choosed my question to answer. I think this is the real case how someone has interaction between the blog that he/she made with their readers beside I'm suprised that she choosed my question. so this is her amswer about my question and if you have a chance please visit her blog also :) .. have a nice day everyone
PS: I agree with her about soulmate :P
We all agree that a soulmate is someone who was MEANT for you and MEANT to be with you.
Soulmate for me is a bestfriend above all else, someone who motivates you, makes you laugh easily, someone who listen patienly to what I have to say, someone who I can say anything to, someone who let me be a "monster" but will forgive me quickly when I apologize. Essentially, someone who will stand by you. We think alike, share the same interests and has common value. He makes a dramatic impact in my life(and I don't even rely it sometimes). He makes me to be a better person. He connects with me in a way that I can't explain... you know, we know what each other are thinking by just looking and smiling at each other. He always seem to always finish my sentences.
He completes me in way that when we are both together we are so much stronger as whole than when we are alone. And when we are away from each other I feel like a part of me is missing. We are comfortable together in silence. He would gladly put me and my needs ahead of his own. He has a deep desire to provide me with all that I am missing from my life.
Does the long description above enough for you guys? There is one man in my life that fit the above description. Is he my soulmate? Probably you would say yes. But let me point something to you.. I am not with him now. I have called one person a soulmate in my life and that is him. Yet, we're not together anymore. Whatever happened between us, he always hold a special place in my heart and I thank him. From the bottom of my soul, I thank him for the love he gave me and the friendship we had (have).
Let me ask you again. Is he my soulmate? Or do I need to define "soulmate" better?
Tiara (


  1. U must shocked as such a hottie gave a respond on ur love question!!! hahaha.. =D
    It gets me with another question...does doulmate ave the same meaning with true love??

  2. haha~ shock mah kagak, seneng iya :P (namanya juga co) .. like I told to tiara, I think soulmate doesn't have to our true love or at least for me like that but I think it will be lucky for someone who has both in 1 person :)