Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Family Days

I always consider Lebaran/Idul Fitri Days as Family Days in my family and relatives eventhough most of us are Catholic. Everyone gather in my parents village in that day because in Indonesia most of long holiday that we have on these days. My parents hometown (read: village) only 15 minutes walking different each other so visit 2 relatives from my father and mother were really easy at that day. In Indonesia, we come to older people house (grandparents, uncle/auntie, cousins, neighbours etc), shake their hands, and congrat them. Especially for someone who really older than us (grandparents, uncle/aunties) we do more than just shake hands. In Indonesia, we do sungkeman (show respect by kneeling and pressing our's face to another's hands/knees) and they will give 'blessing' for us. That's why it have 'huge' meaning for people back to their hometown and congrat their relatives aka mudik.
Lebaran me-cousins & grandma

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  1. madut6:54 PM

    hi didut. saya teringat saat saya baru datang di indonesia karena saya melihat foto ini.
    nenek didut sehat ya:) adik juga!!
    saya ingin ke sana lagi.....