Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love or Affection ?

Damn, I can't stand not to put this message..This is message for Tiara from e-mail that she received from man named Takeshi. I think he's Japanese (from his name-hopefully true) and I must admitt I will never think that there's so many Japanese man can think deep like this and now because of his word I thingking again about the value that I believe, Thanks takeshi
"Tiara,In my opinion, you just have not met your soulmate yet. So the change in your heart is nothing strange to me.
There are some kind of words to express feelings between man and woman just like Love and Affection. In case of Japanese language, there are Ai and Koi. I think most of the people think the meaning is almost same or even have never paid attention. So I did. But a Japanese novelist once gave me a hint. After many years passed since that, now I almost understand what he ment. He wrote like this:
Koi (¢â Love) is a natural feeling that we want to be with the person, but Ai (¢â affection) is an intention to be with the person.
Koi has its own logic. Nobody can explain it by words or common sense. Just like you are at a loss how to express what happened in your heart now.
But Ai is an strong intention to be with the person, whatever happens. If somebody makes you feel like that, he is the soulmate to you, I think.
I believe that I could have had a soulmate. Hubungan kami sudah 6 tahun. To say the truth I sometimes feel boring to be with her, and sometimes I am fascinated by another girl. But still, I can find strong intention inside me to be with her, which I did not have when I was younger.Saya sudah yakin bahwa saya tetap mau bersamanya, walaupun dia sudah jadi nenek......I can confirm that this is not temporary feeling like Koi, but Ai.
So I believe that you will also meet a man that make you feel like that.Until that time, you have only to be youreself.Jalannya masih panjang deh.
Take care and don't brood over too much !

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