Thursday, April 20, 2006

Many things happen last 2 weeks

Yuki Far' party

Yuki farr yuki-sara-rina-me
Yuki is AIESECers from SFC Keio, I knew him because he join with eco tour program held by BINTARI. He's back to Indonesia as AIESEC trainee. Glad to see him learn many things while he stayed here especially about religion. As usual he played famous roll cal from Japan-Yokachin.

Aga transit on Semarang
After 2 months backpack on South East Asia (Thailand-Vietnam-Laos-Malaysia-Sumatra, Indonesia), Aga back to Semarang for transit couple days before back to Poland. I couldn't get the ticket for her as we expected before so she must stay somewhere while back to Indonesia and I offer her to stay with me. Really nice to heard her story about her traveling, it motivate me more to do my travel plan this year. It's really happy to see her again because we never plan this before. We also meet Tonia and Holgi before their journey to Sulawesi and Papua. Tonia and Holgi has finish their internship with GTZ on Semarang and Aceh, they will travel for a month from Sulawesi to Papua. I think they will be splendid to see Papua landscape. We made small party on Tonia's house before leaving to 123 club for clubbing. Really long time no clubbing with friends, I thought I will not so strong to move on the floor, but it's turn out that I can still doing it :P . Aga and Sara got drunk that night, especially Aga because she just put all of the rum on the glass. I hope Aga has really nice time on Semarang and it looks that she got it.
PS to Aga: let's see where we can meet for next time :)
123 on 123 club

before boarding with Aga before boarding

Tisa's transit
Then Tisa transit also for a while after her business trip to Asia. It's 1st time to met her while she has internship for HP, Singapore. Well, Tisa not change at all- still small haha~ *kabur dr Tisa* And succeed to gave her unusual hamburger look from how many tissues that she spent to finish that hamburger *I want to write this hamburger next time* Beside that I could show her Ours café to her :P Bram (UD LC LCP) already mention that this place as my base camp and it can be true because now I join with their design workshop for 4 months. Very attractive campaign to held workshop or class at café.

Primadi-tisa-me primadi-tisa-me


  1. U said I'm small?!?!?!
    C'mon...u must be kidding, rite??
    Look at me on that pic...sitting beetwen u &'s so obvious that I'm not small. Never thought that you would entitled me with such a word of "small". I'm not small bro...I'M TINY!!!! HWAHAHAHAHA!!! =D Was nice to met u again!!! =)

  2. kecil-kecil cabe rawit :P
    PS: udah dikasih ke vega belom?

  3. Blm sampe ke Vega tapi udah bilang.
    Besok mo kukasi flate-matenya aja deh..flatemate dia kerja di HP juga...biar cepet sampe ke Vega