Friday, June 19, 2009

Advan Vanbook A1N70T from Alnect Computer

If you see the appearance from Advan Vanbook A1N70T netbook, this netbook seems appropriate for a blogger.

How it become like that?

Yap, with only 1.2 kg weigh, it's suitable for a blogger to take it everywhere, especially for Indonesian blogger with high mobility so they can post wherever they are.

With Intel ATOM N270 1.6 Ghz battery power can be optimized for more sparingly. Webcam 1.3 Megapixels ready to accompany us to have chatt and tele conference. Moreover, 4 in 1 card reader attached to accommodate all types of memory card from the camera that we use. Blog posts without pictures will make blog without taste, isn't it?

The competitive from this netbook can also be seen from their price of only Rp. 3.495.000. With the Atom processor output inside, it's enough to give weapons for a blogger to make post anywhere.

Huge HDD save power with 160GB, it's seem enough to store all types of files that are actually we need.

If you located at public space, make blog post is not a problemat all as long you can find hotspot area. 10 / 100 Ethernet, WLAN 802.11 B / G MiniCard module is ready to accompany you wherever you can find wifi.

More interesting if you want to get this netbook Advan just for free, just taking a blog review competition from Alnect Computer. Simply just click the banner below to join the competition.
Alnect computer Blog Contest
So when to get a netbook can be so easily like this? Just a price of review. Join now or you will regret. :D

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